About us

Tech Export Services Corridor (TESC) is an export support organization for Iranian high-tech and medium-tech companies. TESC facilitates the export process for Iranian manufacturers by providing services in the areas of marketing, consultancy, and international alliances.

Currently, TESC covers about 3000 high-tech manufacturers in the following fields of production:

  • Medicine and Pharmaceuticals

  • Medical Equipment

  • Nanotechnology Products

  • Advanced Materials

  • Optics and Photonics

  • Marine and Aerospace Products and Equipment

  • ICT Products

  • Biotechnology Products

  • Laboratory Equipment

  • Oil and Gas Equipment and Products

  • New Energy Products      

TESC chooses producers providing the highest quality products based on Export Readiness Assessment (ERA) basis and supports competent manufacturers in above-mentioned fields for export. Therefore, TESC is capable of certifying the quality of products and reliability of Iranian producers in the aforementioned fields and creating a trustful environment for collaboration between Iranian and foreign companies.