What we can do for investors!

Tech Export Services Corridor is a semi-governmental organization which is providing supports and services to foreign investors and companies which are going to enter Iran market. We provide both consultancies and services which you may need before investment, during your business settlement and also after establishment of the company Iran.

These services and consultancies are listed in short as:

·         Before Entering to the market:

o   Opportunity Studies in the Market

o   In-depth Market Research

o   Business Plan Preparation

o   Strategy Planning

o   Finding Partners and Handling Trade Negotiations with Future Partners

o   Legal Consultancies before Establishment of the Company

o   Intellectual Property Considerations (Patent and Trade Mark Registration)

·         During Establishment of your business:

o   Certificates and Regulatory Services in Iran

o   Legal Services for Company Establishment and other Governmental Registrations

o   Real State Consultancies and Brokerage

o   Tax Consultancies and Services

o   Finding Suitable Employees for the Newly Established Companies

o   Promotional Materials Preparation (standard website, catalogs, brochure and etc.)

·         After Establishment:

o   Quality Management Implementation and Certifications

o   Education

o   Exhibition Participation and other Marketing Solutions

TESC will be as your consultant during your investment to help you accelerate your business development. TESC have a complete list of the best service providers in different aforementioned fields and will outsources the services to the best quality and best price service providers.