What we can do for Traders!

Tech Export Services Corridor (TESC) is a semi-governmental organization which is providing services and supports for Iranian high-tech manufacturers. TESC is also seeking for any international opportunity to the interest of these companies. Thus, TESC is capable of providing information regarding different products or manufactures in Iran. We own a database of Iranian high-tech product and manufacturers in the following area:

  • Medicine and Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Equipment
  • Nanotechnology Products
  • Optics and Photonics
  • Marine and Aerospace Products and Equipment
  • ICT Products
  • Biotechnology Products
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Oil and Gas Equipment and Products
  • New Energy Products      

If you are a trading company which is looking for supplier or manufacturer of special product or services for your market, please let us know the product and service you are looking for.

We will let you know the best supplier based on the quality and price for you market through our databases. TESC is also capable of providing any sort of facilitation between the traders and Iranian manufacturers in order to help the two sides reach agreement.

We have numerous exhibitions in national and international scale regarding the aforementioned fields of production. TESC is also capable of hosting you during the following exhibitions in Iran as visitors and would be so much happy to manage trade meetings with selected companies in these exhibitions:


Exhibition Name

Scope of Exhibition



Link to Webpage

Iran Lab Expo

Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals

International Permanent Fairground, Tehran, Iran

24-27th April

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Iran Health

Medical and Dental Equipment, Medicine & Pharmaceutical Products

International Permanent Fairground, Tehran, Iran

15-18th May

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Iran Biotech

Biotechnology Related Products in Agriculture, Medicines, Food and etc.

International Permanent Fairground, Tehran, Iran

1-4th May

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Iran Nano Festival

Nanotechnology Related Products and Solutions in Health, Food, Medicines, Textile and other Industries

International Permanent Fairground, Tehran, Iran

5-8th October

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Iran Herbal Medicine and Products

Herbal Medicine, Herbals healthcare Methods and Traditional Therapies and Medicine

International Permanent Fairground, Tehran, Iran

15-18th October

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International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX)

Recent Innovations in ICT, Energy, Oil and Gas, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Aerospace and Construction Equipment

International Permanent Fairground, Tehran, Iran

22-25th May

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