Overseas Business Brokers (OBB)

OBB is a foreign non-Iranian company that can help Iranian companies to promote their exports on the targeted country. These private companies will offer official, legal, judicial services to new comer Iranian companies to their resident country. They can operate on either a commission (as a local agent), or based on fee (as a consultant) or taking possession of the goods for direct export. Usually a broker will give market analysis services, introducing business partners and competitors in the targeted market. Perhaps they participate in their local exhibitions and try to make a market share for their clients in their own resident country.





Name: United Industrial Services


Manager: Mr.  Dr. Rangiha


Central Office: London


District: Europe


Field of Activity: Nanotech material and analytical equipment


Services: Officials, Legal, Market research, Business brokering, Marketing & Sale


Site: www.tesc.ir


Telegram: +98 9121463991





Name: Millennium Pharma & Med L.L.C


Manager: Mr.  Khasteh


Central Office: Muscat


District: GCC countries


Field of Activity: Life Science and pharmaceuticals


Services: Officials, Legal, Business brokering, Marketing & Sale


Site: www.millenniumpharma.co


Telegram: +9687960408





Name: IEBC GmbH


Manager: Mr. Poshtkouhi


Central Office: Berlin


District: Europe


Field of Activity: Specialized Business & Commercial Services


Services: Business Consultancy, Market Study & Research, Business Matchmaking, Event Organizing, Office Facilities & Secretariat Services, IT &Communication Services


Site: www.iebcenter.eu


Telegram: +989121267224





Name: Goldnet Engineering Group

Manager: Mr. Sabour Khosravi

Central Office: Australia

District: International

Field of Activity: IT & ITC

Services: Consulting, market research, technology transfer

Email: info@goldnetgroup.com

Web site: www.goldnetgroup.com

Phone: +98(21)86088024




Name: Parstech Engineering Solutions Pty (Ltd)


Manager: Mr. Parsamagham


Central Office: Johannesburg


District: South Africa


Field of Activity: Industrial Equipment


Services: Officials, Legal, Exhibition, Business brokering, Marketing & Sale


Site: www.parstech.co.za


Telegram: +989122380342






Name: INCC


Manager: Mr. Amir Ghorbanali


Central Office: Suzhou (China)


District: China


Field of Activity: nanotechnology, Medical Equipment, Lab. Equipment


Services: Business brokering, Marketing & Sale, Consulting, Export, Tech. transfer


Site: www.incc.org.cn


Telegram: +8618206212392





Name: RCO


Manager: Mr. Hamidreza Rahimi


Central Office: Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)


District: Ethiopia


Field of Activity: General Trading


Services: Marketing & Sale, Consulting, Export


Email: hamidreza68rahimi@yahoo.com


Telegram: +989125189682





Name: Sorena Saderat Aria


Manager: Mr. Reza Motallebi


Central Office: N’Djamena (Chad)


District: Chad and Equatorial Guinea


Field of Activity: General Trading


Services: Consulting, Exhibition


Email: motallebir@yahoo.fr


Telegram: +989121776426






Name: Anaaco 

Manager: Mr. Majid Shekarian


Central Office: Australia


District: International


Field of Activity: Nanotechnology, Electronic, Advanced Material


Services: Consulting, Export, Brokering


Email: info@anaaco.ir


Web site: www.anaaco.com


Telegram: +989120195981





Name: ITC Balkan D.O.O.


Manager: Mr. Said Hosseini


Central Office: Serbia


District: Serbia (Belgrade)


Field of Activity: Nanotechnology, Electronic, Medical Equipment, Herbal and Pharmaceuticals


Services: Consulting, Export, Investment, technology exchange


Email: office@itcbalkan.com


Web site: www.itcbalkan.com


Telegram: +381641212455






Name: Hamian Tejarat Mehr Khoshnam


Manager: Mr.  Jalil Nayeb


Central Office: Tajikistan (Dushanbe)


District: CIS


Field of Activity: Knowledge-based Products


Services: Officials, Marketing, Exhibition, Export Service Center, Business Partner


Site: Www.Hamiholding-expo.ir


Email: info@hamiholding-expo.com


Telegram: +98 915 315 1048









Name: AROKO GmbH


Manager: Mr. Armin Fartash


Central Office: Hamburg


Export Office: Hamburg, Dortmund, Tehran


District: Europe,  Iran


Field of Activity: Consultancy, Commercial and Investment services


Services: Technology Exchange Consultancy, Export Management, Marketing & Sales


Website: www.aroko.co


Telegram No: +98-9121971539


Tel: 0098-21- 88562459


Tel: 0049-40-61182843








name: Behbud Tajhiz Behin Andish Co. (BTBA)


Managing Director: Shahram Andalib


Headquarters: Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Isfahan (Iran)


District: Southeast Asia


Field of activity: advanced medicine, medical devices and laboratory equipment, general trade


Services: export consultancy including market research and marketing, technology transfer, sales representation, exhibitions and logistics


Email: shahram.andalib@gmail.com




Tel: +98 31 34528130 (Iran)


H/P and Telegram: +6(0)122503872   (Malaysia)


+98 930 425 2217 (Iran)







Company name: Farabin Sanat Sharif


Export manager: Mohammad Shivapour


Central office: Tehran


Export offices: Kenya (Nairobi), Georgia (Tbilisi), Algeria (Algiers)


Field of Activity: Industrial and petrochemical, Building materials, Automobile spare parts, Food products, Carpet, General trading


Services: Export Management, Marketing & Sale, Agency


Central office phone: 44958107-9


Telegram No: 09122106345


Site: www.farabin.co